Montessori Method of Sharing

Montessori Parenting: do we need to teach our child to share?
When your child explores a toy or a learning activity, he wants to be able to explore it fully. Who are we to say that it’s time to share, or that he has enough with 10 blocks and that someone else should have 10 other blocks?

It means that they understand the world around them only from their own point of view.
It doesn’t mean that they are selfish. Their brain focuses on their own needs. Their vision and understanding about what’s going on around them starts from their own point of view.

Let’s take an example: if you show a box of crayons to your 2 or 3 years old and ask him what it is, he’s going to answer “a box of crayons”. If you open the box and show him that in fact, there are candles in the box, your child will be very surprised.

That egocentric stage can last until 7 years old. Compassion for other and empathy will come gradually while the egocentric stage phases away. Obviously, sharing and taking turn will become easier as your child realizes that others have needs too.