Westridge Montessori originally opened its doors in September  of 2009. An “All Day Montessori Curriculum” is held Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 6:30pm to accommodate parent schedules. Keeping in line with the curriculum set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori, our mission is to establish a foundation of life long learning for children in a challenging yet nurturing environment. Through the development of self-worth, our students will grow into talented, motivated and contributing members of our society. Safety and security are top priorities at Westridge Montessori. Security cameras are installed in addition to automatic-lock doors. With a commercial kitchen, hot, balanced and nutritious lunches are prepared and served along with two daily snacks. Westridge Montessori will provide a Montessori Education paired with a comprehensive set of enrichment and extracurricular activities. Our large playgrounds and dance room allow the children freedom of movement both indoors and out, regardless of inclement weather. We have affiliated membership in the American Montessori Society and the International Montessori Council. Our classrooms are staffed with degreed and Montessori certified teachers. Parent involvement will be a cornerstone of Westridge Montessori  as we grow and become established in the community.


The Montessori Method of teaching fosters a natural desire for the enjoyment of learning and allows each child to follow his or her own intrinsic curiosity. A young Italian physician named Maria Montessori developed this method over a century ago. Her notions that children learn through hands on activity, that the preschool years are a time of critical brain development, and that parents should be partners in their children’s education are now widely accepted. 

The Montessori Method enhances social skills. Children learn kindness, courtesy and respect for the rights of others, independence and responsibility. The Montessori Method allows the child to learn the way they learns best – by doing things themselves. The Montessori classroom is equipped with specially designed materials. They are simple, attractive and self correcting. In a non-competitive environment, the child can choose their own work. Maria Montessori always believed “Don’t try to help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed”.


Westridge Montessori is a home away from home where we nurture the whole child and feed their natural curiosity.  We believe a strong partnership between home and school is essential to a child’s well being. 

  • We provide true Montessori education paired with a comprehensive set of enrichment and extracurricular activities. Our lead teachers are not only Montessori certified and trained, they are themselves Montessori educated.
  • Our large playgrounds, gym, and dance room allow the children freedom of movement both indoors and out, regardless of inclement weather. Our 5-feet wide secured covered patio in the back of our building serves as the racetrack for our kids during their trike races (which is everyday).
  • We serve freshly made, nutritious and delicious lunches everyday (made from scratch with quality ingredients), along with two snacks. Of course, parents always have the option to pack meals for children, which we warm or serve cold per instruction. 
  • Safety and security are top priorities. Our school is not on a busy main road, but is safely nestled in a peaceful residential neighborhood like the best elementary schools in our area. Security cameras are installed inside and outside the school, in addition to automatic-locks on all the doors. We have over an acre of grassy play area secured by steel fence on all sides. We have a second fence protecting our playground and parking. 


Lead Teachers (0-3 years) & (3-6 years)

Credential/Education required – AMS OR AMI Primary Certification
Experience Required – 2 or more years

Assistant Teachers (0-3 years) & (3-6 years)

Credential/Education required – knowledge of Montessori philosophy, Montessori Certification helpful
Experience – 1 or more years

Contract Period

Contracts are signed on a 10 month basis (August – May)
Summer Months will be discussed upon hire.


Competitive Salary, Legal Holidays, Vacation, Sick Leave, Personal Days, Continuing Education Opportunities.

All interested candidates may send their resumes by e-mail